Best Camping Chairs With Footrests (Kick Back and Relax)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best camping chair with a footrest are, then we recommend the Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair.

When we go camping, it is clear that a lot of us are going to go hiking, climbing, or something fun. Yet whether we are doing these things on our own or with a group, we’ll need to have a seat to take a break eventually. You can do this well in a camping chair that has a footrest.

You’ll literally be able to kick back and take it easy in one of these. Heck, you’ll be able to do this while sitting around the campfire, cooking smores, and even while you’re fishing. Truly, this is the type of chair you need when camping.

best camping chair with footrest

However, there are some questions surrounding them that need to be addressed. Let’s dive into those now!

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How Comfortable Are Chairs With Footrests

Ultimately, these types of chairs are usually much more comfortable than the average camping chair. This mostly has to do with the average person’s musculoskeletal system. When you sit down normally, pressure from your upper body will come to rest on your lumbar section or lower back.

As a result, the lack of distributed weight can make sitting down uncomfortable. This is especially true after a long day. When your feet are raised along with your legs in a footrest, you’re distributing out your overall weight and taking pressure off your low back.

In turn, it makes these chairs more comfortable.

They are perfect for people of all sizes, you simply need to decide which one is right for you!

Tip: Always be certain you know the dimensions of things before purchasing.

The height that each chair takes your feet off the ground may differ depending on the type you buy. This is important to know as this can play a role in how comfortable the chair is.

Do Chairs with Footrests Travel Well

This is a loaded question, as it is hard to say each and every version of these chairs will be easy to travel with. However, most of them are pretty light and not that much bigger than a regular camping chair. A footrest is simply added onto things.

On top of this, many of them have a footrest that can separate or detach from the main chair. This means you can easily travel with both or just the chair if you so desire. Most often collapse just like the normal camping chairs you’ll see up for sale.

Ultimately, you just need to check before you buy one. Each version will tell you if the footrest comes off or if the chair and footrest collapse down. It may be obvious with some of them too.

Different Types of Camping Chairs With Footrests

Many people do not realize that there are multiple different versions of these camping chairs with footrests. They are all great but certain chair types are better for some than others. It all really depends on the type of person you are and the needs you have in a chair.

Let’s discuss each version….


These types of chairs are pretty much as described. While the chair will come with both the footrest and chair, they can come apart. Some use VELCRO to stay together while others use buttons. It’s really depending on the manufacturer there. Simply put, the footrest comes off.


There isn’t a long explanation with these chairs. They are simply the type of chairs that allow you to detach the chair itself from the footrest. It is quite similar to the removable type. The big difference is that you can unbuckle or unbutton it, but it’ll still remain with the chair. The removable type comes off completely.

Gravity Lounger

These chairs are really cool. They can start out as a regular chair but operate exactly how a normal reclining chair does. You may not get the flat leg section out but you’ll still recline well. A lot of people find these the most comfortable chairs.


Again, there really isn’t a lot to explain here. Everything we mentioned above? Add it to this and you have the all-in-one versions.

Reviews: Best Camping Chairs With Footrest

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair

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The ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is a favorite among camping enthusiasts. It is not hard to see why as it is known to be incredibly comfortable for people of all ages and even several sizes.

It is made from a powder-coated steel frame, meaning it has tremendous strength and stability to hold people up. However, like all chairs, there is a weight limit people should not surpass for it. The ALPS group says anyone 225lbs and below are cleared for it. However, if you surpass this, ALPS does not recommend using the chair as it could break.

Like all of the chairs on our list, this chair has a footrest. It is not massive but by no means small or understated. It holds up just as well as the overall chair itself does.

The best part is that you can travel just about anywhere with this thing. It weighs just 10lbs and can easily be folded up and packed with ease. They even include a great shoulder carrying bag for the chair, which should keep it from coming out of its folded-up form on you until you’re ready for it.

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VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair Plus Foot Rest

[amazon box=”B07NV9V87T” template=”horizontal” link_id=”1381″]

The VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair Plus Foot Rest is beloved for a pretty obvious reason. It is a spectacular chair that is large and capable of holding a lot of weight. On top of this, it stands up well against multiple different weather issues that might happen while you’re outside.

Essentially, the best place to start discussing the chair is the sitting side of things. The chair is padded very well to make each sit feel comfortable. The padded chair only aides your back and tailbone, making this perfect for those with back and even knee issues.

It is not one of the best camping chairs with a footrest on the market today for no reason at all, it’s truly great! The overall padded mesh makes it a pleasure to sit in AND it holds up incredibly well.

The footrest is very impressive too. It slides in and out on very efficient wheels underneath the chair, allowing to extend it out around 22 inches. This gives people of many sizes a proper length.

They also realize that you may end up in some weird areas where the surface you’re on could be terrible. Thus, they equipped the feet to be adjustable, allowing them to swivel on things like sand. This is in an effort to avoid it sinking into the ground or sandy area.

As one of the best camping chairs with a footrest around, it needs to be capable of handling weather, right? It has been given a 600D Waterproof rating, which is pretty impressive for an outdoor chair.

This chair by the good people at VINGLI is made to be tough. It is also cleared to hold up to 350lbs, which is among the industry’s best.

This is a foldable chair, which makes it easy to travel with. Due to being cleared for a higher weight, it is a bit heavier than some chairs. It comes in around 22lbs, but they include a bag to make carrying it a bit easier.

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Outdoor Quad Camping Chair

[amazon box=”B07282QLN4″ template=”horizontal” link_id=”1382″]

We feel this is the option from our list of the “best camping chairs with a footrest” is perfect for kids, women, and many more. It is made with kids in mind, as the detachable footrest is completely adjustable and becomes a makeshift tablet/kindle holder.

This, in turn, allows you to get your kids outdoors while telling them: “Yeah, sure you can bring your tablet.” Obviously you will make sure they get away from the screen while there, but you’ve gotta lure them out somehow, right?

On top of this, the footrest may be comfortable but the great cup holder will hold drinks of many different sizes. Yet the part of this chair a lot of people love is the built-in cooler. Seriously, this chair has a freakin cooler, people!

It can hold up to 3 or 4 cans/bottles. The cooler is not massive but the fact it has one at all will make the dads of the world thank the good people behind the chair.

It can hold up well with several people of multiple sizes. The powder-coated steel frame and spacious padded seating can hold up to 250lbs. It has also been given a 600D waterproof rating for its polyester fabric.

The travel is simple with this chair, as it’s only 5.5lbs and folds up easily. Plus, the included shoulder bag only allows you to carry it around even easier.

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EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

[amazon box=”B07GKWR8H3″ template=”horizontal” link_id=”1383″]

EVER ADVANCED has made a chair that everyone will love to sit in. Man or woman, boy or girl, you will sit in comfort and may never want to get up. Honestly, no one would blame you for it.

This is one of the infamous gravity loungers. When you think about camping chairs with footrests, these types of chairs usually pop up! They are more expensive, however most feel that they are worth it.

This chair fully reclines, up to 72 inches. It becomes almost a makeshift bed due to this. This chair includes a pillow headrest and proper lumbar support. It’d be a crime to not fall asleep in it if you ask us!

It is also cleared for some relatively big people. The chair goes up to 6’2 in height size but it can hold a weight of up to 350lbs.

You won’t need to assemble anything with this chair as it merely folds and unfolds. The recliner will obviously go up and down easily, so they include a locking system to help keep things in place. When your chair goes 0 to 170 degrees like its nothing, this locking system comes in handy.

Due to the way it is made, it weighs 19.8lbs. But we might as well just say 20lbs.

In spite of the weight, it is easy to carry and travel around with. It is ultimately the perfect leisure time outdoor chair.

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SwimWays Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Ottoman

[amazon box=”B01MTOGYFX” template=”horizontal” link_id=”1384″]

This chair may look a bit weird but SwimWays wanted to make a chair that could fit everyone during the warmer times of the year. This is why they made chairs with interesting canopies added on top.

They keep the sun off of you pretty well. They have even been given a 50+ UPF protection rating for the canopy, which is pretty impressive.

When you think about your options, this may not pop out to you right off. The footrest here is an ottoman and relatively small. However, this removable footrest is perfect for those wishing to get a little sun in a comfortable way.

Truly, this is the perfect beach or lake chair.

The chair has been made to be comfortable, as the company boasts it has a breathable and ergonomic mesh. This should allow you to avoid the problem of a warm seat outdoors. The seat is also oversized to accommodate people of many sizes.

In fact, it is cleared for people up to 250lbs.

On top of all of this, the front edge of the seat does not cut into your back but rather, it comforts the area perfectly. The armrest and cup holder complete the perfect sun chair too.

This option from SwimWays is a tremendous chair that is foldable, light, and easy to travel with. Honestly, we’re surprised Amazon has not sold out of them yet!

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We had a ton of fun telling you about the best camping chairs that also have footrests. It is often hard to find information like this, so we felt it was important to do the research for you. The question you may have is, out of the five, what option is best?

While we think that the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is the best all-around chair with a footrest, make sure not to discount the others on the list.

Now, all you need to do is figure out what chair you love most or the size that fits best. Good luck on your journey.

Hopefully, we made your choice easier!

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