Best Towable Tubes for Two People ( KIDS and ADULTS)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best towable tube for two is, then we recommend the Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube.

Swimming is a great activity when it’s boiling outside. But we all know it’s a completely different feeling to be hurled through the sea, clinging to a towable tube, while someone drives a boat at high speed.

This fun activity can end up disappointing, though, if you don’t have a reliable towable tube.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best towable tubes for two people.

best towable tubes for two

We’ll also provide you with some useful information to help you shape your final decision. Not to mention, some important safety tips to keep your summer activities as safe as they can be.

Let’s dive right in!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top 3 Picks…

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Reviews: 5 Best Towable Tubes for Two

In this section, we’ll review each of our favorite 2-person towable tubes in-depth.

All the options are considered high-quality, but there may also be a few drawbacks to each.

Let’s check them out.

Airhead Mach

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This towable tube is one of the best tubes made by Airhead as it comes with a lot of upgrades.

Buying it secures you probably the safest ride you can experience thanks to the cockpit shape as cockpit shaped tubes offer you safe trips and comfortable seatings. This ride-on tube comes with 4 high-quality handles that are coated in nylon.

Customers were pleasantly surprised by how the nylon coatings were strong and resisted seawater.

The handles’ coatings also offer maximum safety to the customers as they prevent any friction with the rider’s hands.

This tube also comes with a Kwik Connect system for an easier hook just like most of Airhead’s products.

It also features a heavy-gauge PVC bladder. It’s designed with a Speed Safety valve to make inflating and deflating easier.


  • Kwik Connect system makes hooking easier
  • Strong nylon covers
  • High quality handles
  • Easy inflating and deflating


  • Sharp linings

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SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird Towable Tube

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This towable tube is one of the best. Most of the customers mentioned that it’s huge, even more than they anticipated. This helped them experience the comfortable trip they were looking for.

Another point mentioned by the customers was the long lifespan of this ride on the tube. If you’re looking for a tube that would last for a long time, this could be the one for you.

It’s also very safe for the rider as the handles were perfectly coated in foam, which greatly reduces friction and risk of injuries.

You shouldn’t worry about inflating and deflating as it’s one of the easiest processes due to the speed safety bladder that comes with the tube.

However, a pump must be used for inflating the tube as it can be hard to mouth inflate It’s also considered a heavy tube, which makes it difficult for kids to carry. Luckily, this is the only drawback we found in this awesome towable tube.


  • Long lifespan
  • Huge size
  • Very durable due to the high-quality PVC bladder
  • Dual towing points offer more riding positions


  • Hard to fill with air without using a pump
  • A bit heavier than other tubes, making it hard to carry
  • Relatively expensive

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Airhead HOT DOG Towable Tube

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This towable tube may be perfect if you’re looking for one that suits a limited budget. If you have kids that’ll ride the tube, it’s a fantastic option. Since it’s very stable, it’s more difficult to fall off it.

It’s also installed with the Kwik-Connect system, which makes it much easier to hook the tube by attaching or detaching the rope to it.

The slim hot dog design of the Airhead tube contributes to its speed.

However, this tube may not be suitable for people looking for adventures as it’s known for its stability. This means the chances of falling in the water are very low.

The tube is fully coated in double-stitched nylon, which prevents corrosion. It comes with a pair of neoprene pads for the seats to make your ride much more comfortable. The handles are also padded so you can get a better grip.

It’s a perfect choice for accommodating two. It also contains a special Boston Valve, which comes with two ports for simpler inflation and deflation. It’s suitable for both adults and children.


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Very comfortable for 2 passengers
  • Padded seat and handles


  • Some people may find it boring due to the low chance of falling off the tube

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Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube

[amazon box=”B00AJVLEYQ” template=”horizontal” link_id=”1912″]

This is the second Airhead product that made the list. It’s suitable for adults and advanced users.

Airhead is known to be one of the most popular brands for aquatic products. They’ve been active on the market for around 20 years.

Just like most of their products, this towable tube is fully covered with double stitched nylon and comes with a great bladder. It also comes with 4 perfectly made handles that give you the most comfortable grip.

Airhead always designs the tubes’ colors with a bit of creativity. Most of them perfectly suit the vibrant beach environment you’re in and grab everyone’s attention.

The Kwik Connect system makes hooking the tube a breeze.

However, this towable tube has a short lifespan compared to most of the other tubes. The reviews were mostly mentioning its disappointing lifespan. It only works fine for a couple of years before you start finding holes in your towable tube.

The fins are hard to reach as they’re very high for shorter kids. The front part of the tube also sinks, which forces the riders to move to the back of the tube before being pulled to avoid tube flipping.

However, the topside fins greatly improve the stability, which offers you the chance to get a longer and more extreme trip.


  • Kwik Connect system makes it easier to hook the tube
  • Creative colors
  • Very strong bladder
  • Increased stability


  • Fins are high, which makes it hard for kids to reach
  • Short lifespan

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[amazon box=”B000FPZSZW” template=”horizontal” link_id=”1913″]

This ride-on tube can be an excellent choice if you want to experience different riding positions.

This Towable tube comes with a backrest, so it’s better to hook the front tow point for a comfortable ride.

It’s nearly impossible to fall from the tube while going for a speedy ride due to the air-cushioned sidewalls.

The handles were designed to be as durable as possible to prevent any kind of injuries to the rider.

It’s also built-in dual tow points, which makes it more flexible, and easier to ride in any position you want. It’s designed in different colors that can be very eye-catching.

According to the customers, this tube works fine for about 4 years. The durability of the tube makes up for its relatively high price.

It can be easily inflated and ready to ride in just 10 minutes. However, the foam handles usually fall after some time. That’s the only drawback we found in this tube.


  • Long lifespan
  • Dual tow points for wilder positions
  • Low risk of injury
  • Eye-catching design
  • Comfortable backrest


  • Foam handles fall off easily

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Buying Advice: What to Look for in Towable Tubes

When buying a towable tube, here are some things to look out for.


Even though handles look like a simple feature, low-quality handles can cause serious injuries to the rider.

The handles are one of the areas where high friction occurs, so it’s essential to be covered with a soft material, which is mostly neoprene.

You must also look for handles with resistible neoprene to avoid any tears in them. Padded handles also offer a better grip.

Towing Points

Towing points decide your riding position. In fact, some towable tubes offer you only one riding position as it can only be hooked from one place.

However, some towable tubes come with multiple towing points, which gives you the freedom to choose the riding position you like.

It’s a perfect idea to buy a tube with multiple towing points to add more entertainment to your summer parties.

Seating Area

Seatings are very important, and there are a few options to consider. Some tubes come with foam padding, which highly increases comfort.

Some other tubes come with a backrest. This makes it easier to stay on the tube, which means that it may ruin the trip for adventurous people.

However, this gives you the chance to offer older people and young kids a ride as the backrest reduces the risk of falling from the tube.

It all depends on your personal preference at the end of the day.


Another thing to consider is the shape of the tube since every shape has its own persona.

This correlates directly with how quickly your towable tube can build up speed. The more surface area the tube occupies, the heavier it’ll drag in the water. If you have a convex-shaped tube, it will build up more speed than, say, a flat tube.


The material of the tube significantly affects its quality. Here are the most popular materials for making tubes.


Nylon is the most common material used for covering towable tubes. The quality of nylon depends on the denier count.

The denier number refers to the strength, thickness, and weight of the nylon cover. This means that a higher denier number offers you a higher quality of nylon cover.


Polyester is also a common material used in tubes.

It works as an alternative to high denier nylon. In fact, some tubes come with polyester covered with PVC, which greatly increases the tube strength and durability. A 600 denier polyester covered with PVC works as the perfect alternative to 840 denier nylon.


PVC is the material used in making all bladders or inner tubes.

It’s also used for covering the bottoms of other materials. They come in different qualities according to their thickness and strength, which is measured with gauges. Most of the towable tubes come with a 24-30 gauge PVC bladder.


Neoprene is the material used for all high friction areas. Its main mission is to reduce friction to avoid any injuries or scratches.

It usually comes as a smooth foam layer covered in nylon or polyester. Neoprene provides a comfortable grip on your handles. However, it’s mostly found in expensive tubes.


This may not seem important. However, the warranty is one of the most important factors you need to look at before buying your tube.

Nothing is worse than buying a very expensive tube that only lasts for a couple of months.

It’s also very important to check what repairs are covered by the manufacturer financially.

Types of Towable Tubes

Each type of towable tube offers you a different set of features. Let’s check them out so you can choose your favorite.

Hot Dog Tubes

Hot dog tubes come with a tighter grip that makes it hard for you to fall over. This makes it incredibly stable and suitable for beginners who are new to the towable tube sport.

These tubes come with neoprene seats, too. They’re made to help you feel comfortable during the ride.

Winged Tubes

This type of towable tube allows you to sit comfortably and with the inflatable wings, you get added comfort and stability. You’ll also feel more secure surrounded by the shoulders of the other riders.

You don’t really need previous experience to ride a winged tube. However, experienced riders can enjoy the maneuverability of these tubes to perform a lot of tricks. Some tubes come with a flat deck, while others come with seats.

Ride-on Tow Tubes

If you’re familiar with the movie Jaws, then you’ve probably seen this type of tube before.

The torpedo-style towable tube allows you to straddle while sitting on top of it. You won’t really get the same “whip” you get with the other models, like the deck or donut tow tubes. However, because these tubes have a high center of gravity, they can be quite unstable at times.

We don’t recommend ride-on tubes for children because of the stability factor, but we do recommend this for friends who are looking for an action-packed adventure.

Ride-in Tow Tubes

Ride-in tubes come in all shapes and sizes. This type of tube accommodates no more than four riders.

The most popular shape for ride-in tubes is the mini boat with seats. These seats provide a better safety profile than the other tubes. For this reason, it’s considered the best option for young children.

Ride-in tubes, unfortunately, aren’t capable of extremely high speeds, so, adrenaline junkies should probably look elsewhere.


Taking care of your unit is vital for uninterrupted entertainment.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your towable tube at peak performance, all the time:

  • Wash your tube with fresh water and soap after taking it out of saltwater
  • Make sure your towable tube is inflated properly before entering the water
  • Allow your unit to air-dry before storing it to prevent molds
  • Never store in direct sunlight – UV light can damage the surface and color
  • Store your tube in a deflated state to avoid stretching the nylon cover

Safety Tips

Want to get the most out of your towable tube? Here are some important safety tips for you to follow.

First things first, it’s essential that you avoid high pressure during inflation. Towable tubes are designed for low pressure/high volume inflation. It’s recommended that you a good air pump.

If you’ll drive the boat, you’re held responsible for your passengers. Before you move the boat, make sure everyone is holding on tight.

You can agree on some hand movements to keep communication clear since it can get quite challenging to hear each other when the boat is running. Make sure your passengers and yourself are wearing a life jacket before take-off

Keep in mind that the towing rope needs to be at least 20 feet, with the ideal length being from 50 to 65 feet.

Final Verdict 

Although we admire all the options on this list, we can’t help but recommend Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube as our top pick.

It’s made of some of the highest quality materials on the market. This guarantees you a sturdy, well-built tube, and unforgettable summer vacation.

A great alternative would be the SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird Towable Tube!

This tube is hailed for its safety profile, it’s also extremely comfortable. It’s a bit cheaper than the Chariot Warbird, but the differences are almost negligible.

You now have the sufficient resources to soar through the sea using one of our most recommended, high quality, towable tubes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy one of the most fun water sports there is!

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