What Is The Best Cot For Boy (Or Girl) Scouts?

What cot will suit the needs of a group of scouts? Discover the best cot as well as other suitable sleeping options here!

One of the best cots out there for boy (or girl) scouts is the Coleman ComfortSmart cot. This cot offers a great price and comfort that will leave scouts feeling like they might as well be in their own bed.

There’s so much more to learn about the kinds of cots and other camping bed choices out there. Continue on and you’ll find some great products that are perfect for little (or not so little) campers!

Best Inexpensive Cots For Scouts

Cots are often a prime choice for scouts because they offer a more bed-like feel. There are many expensive cots out there, and that price only goes up when you’re providing for a whole camp of scouts. Because of that, finding an inexpensive but comfortable cot is the way to go.

Since young children in a tent trying to go to sleep is bound to create some squirming around in a sleeping bag, it’s also worthwhile to learn how to best use a cot while tent camping without roughing up the floor. Check out our article on this subject here to avoid ending up with holes in your tent from your cot.

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

When sleeping spaces are needed for a group of scouts, it makes sense that you might want to save money on cots while getting the most possible comfort. The ComfortSmart provides that comfort with the help of a foam mattress. That mattress will give you an experience that is more like a bed.

These cots also offer a lot when it comes to portability and durability. Although the cot only weighs about 20lbs, it’s able to hold sleepers that are up to 275lbs. Because of that, it’s a great choice for campers and leaders alike.


Cots can save campers and camp counselors from a lot of hassle in the middle of the night. Unlike air mattresses and even some sleeping pads, these cots won’t deflate. This is a huge benefit for helping everyone to sleep through the night.

The ComfortSmart cot also offers padding that keeps sleepers comfortable. In combination with being able to sleep away from the ground, this makes it much more like a bed.


With this cot, in particular, some can notice that the support may not be as durable as they would like. Consequently, it may not last long. This is something worth keeping in mind if you’re considering this cot.

Rent Cots Instead of Buying

Although buying cots has its advantages, you may be in a situation where you are going on an especially big camping trip with lots of scouts, and you don’t want to spend the money or worry about storing the cots after you’re done.

For that reason, renting cots can be a fantastic option to save you money and storage space.

OutdoorsGeek, whom we are an affiliate for, rent out camp cots (although probably not as deluxe as the ComfortSmart), in addition to bunk-bed cots–which would be super helpful if you have limited space to set up camp.

OutdoorsGeek Cot Rental

Alternatives To Camp Cots

If camp cots just seem too expensive or complicated, it’s worth checking out the other options out there. Both sleeping pads and air mattresses can be great choices for scouts.

Sleeping Pads

There is a wide range of options when it comes to sleeping pads. Some sleeping pads are designed to be used as-is while others are designed to inflate in order to add a bit of extra cushion. Additionally, they are a prime choice for those who are doing some backpacking or hiking. Sleeping pads are extremely lightweight and easy to travel with.

Furthermore, sleeping pads are ideal for those who are looking to save money. Often, they are less expensive than cots or air mattresses. On top of that, these options tend to be great in any weather and offer more comfort than you might expect while looking at them.


One of the biggest advantages that sleeping pads offer is their portability. Sleeping pads are lightweight, small and very easy to store away when needed. For scout groups that might move from place to place a bit more, they can be a huge benefit.

On top of that, sleeping pads can also come at a less expensive price than cots or air mattresses. You can place them just about anywhere and the firmness of the pad can be adjusted to just about any preference.


What is worth keeping in mind is that sleeping pads that inflate can be prone to holes. You will want to make sure to place them carefully to avoid rocks, sticks or other surfaces that may damage the sleeping pad. Some sleeping pads can also be on the expensive side.

Air Mattresses

The vast majority of campers have had some experience with an air mattress. It can be argued that these are the most comfortable option for campers, but that can depend on who you’re talking to. Additionally, they aren’t the easiest to carry around, as even deflated air mattresses can be quite heavy.

Additionally, you have to inflate your air mattress, and since they have a lot of air, your poor scouts might not have the lung capacity to fill them up by their own mouths. However, there are many ways to fill up an air mattress while camping, check out our article that gives several options for filling up air mattresses while camping.

However, smaller sizes can be relatively inexpensive. In situations where you plan to sleep in the same place every night, air mattresses can be a perfect choice. Just make sure to be careful with them, as they can deflate rather easily. It’s worthwhile to have plenty of air mattress patches around.


Air mattresses are a tried-and-true option when it comes to getting a decent rest while camping. When they are inflated and ready to go, they can be very comfortable. Much like sleeping pads, you can also change up the firmness of the air mattress based on the amount of air inside.

Another great benefit is that air mattresses are fantastic for staying cool. If your troop tends to camp in warmer climates, air mattresses are a great choice. For the purposes of scouts, small air mattresses can also be rather inexpensive to obtain.


Just about anyone who has used an air mattress knows that they can be at high risk for holes. You just never know when you might wake up on the ground, but in most cases, you can rely on it to happen sooner or later. Furthermore, they aren’t a fantastic choice for trips that are longer than a couple of weeks.

Best Sleeping Pad For Boy Scouts

Sleepingo Sleeping Pad

For a combination of comfort and portability, the Sleepingo Sleeping Pad is worth a look. The sleeping pad itself is under 15 ounces, which makes it a good option for backpacking from place to place between resting periods. It’s also an ideal size for a single adult and therefore offers plenty of space for younger campers.

Whatever terrain you plan to sleep on, this sleeping pad promises to offer you comfort and durability. That said, you’ll still want to be careful to clear out sharp sticks and rocks that may be on the ground. Otherwise, you may risk getting a hole in the sleeping pad.


This sleeping pad is a great choice for scouts and scout leaders alike. It handles a wide variety of weights, making it a choice versatile enough for many uses. Furthermore, the lightweight of the pad ensures that it can be traveled with very easily.

Many who have tried out these sleeping pads find them to be incredibly comfortable. Scouts will sleep well and be ready for adventure every day.


A major issue some have noted with this sleeping pad is that some units may deflate unexpectedly. Holes can develop more easily than desired, resulting in some customers finding themselves on the ground only an hour or two after laying down.

Best Sleeping Bag For Boy Scouts

Sleeping bags are often a must-have for camping. They keep you warm without having to make a bed and can often be resistant to water. When it comes to leading scouts while camping, it’s unlikely you’ll want to have to make up a bed for each camper.

Some might wonder if camping in the summer requires a sleeping bag. Ultimately, this can be up to each camper but a lightweight sleeping bag is often a good idea to avoid getting too cold. To learn more about whether or not you need a sleeping bag in the summer, check out our article on the subject here.

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

Scouts who spend time backpacking will also find the REVALCAMP Sleeping Bags to be highly useful. When you need to head out on the go, they pack up into a very small bag. At a weight of under 2lbs, you’ll be able to move around easily with them. Each camper can even pick out their own color, making the experience even more fun.

Due to their low price and lightweight design, the REVALCAMP sleeping bag is a great choice when you need enough for a whole camp of scouts. It may even be worth grabbing a few extra just in case.


We all know how children like to pick their favorites: their favorite animal, shape, cartoon character, and definitely their favorite color. With a huge variety of different colors available, young scouts are sure to enjoy matching the colors up with their friends or finding something unique.

Additionally, these sleeping bags work well as long as the temperature in the area is at least 40 degrees. That is a lot of warmth in a sleeping bag that can be obtained for quite an inexpensive price.

If you plan to camp in temperatures that are 40 degrees are below, it’s worthwhile to make sure you know how to stay warm. For more information, take a look at our article on How to Not Be Miserable Camping in 40 Degree Weather.


It’s worth keeping in mind that when you’re looking for the lowest costs, they can sometimes come with sacrifices. Overall, these sleeping bags are deemed to be very useful but there can be cases in which they aren’t durable enough or warm enough for some customers.

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